27 octubre, 2009

Nuestra misión en Islandia, por Nuria Gutierrez

There are many who criticize what we have done in Iceland. I just want to explain what the mission is about and how was the experience of becoming one of the 100 Ambassadors of the Canary Islands. We were chosen from a group of 2000 people who wanted to be a part of the mission. It was quite easy. You only had to register in this site: www.compartetufortuna.com and write some recommendations about some interesting places in the Canary Islands which could not be found in a simple tourist´s guide.

All this initiative was made by the Government of the Canaries. It is a new marketing strategy known as “person-to-person”. It is a way of promotion that was never made before. In Iceland we had to look for people, and make castings for those who wanted to come to the Canaries for a week. That is, we had to choose a hundred of Icelanders who could then inform other people about the things that the Canaries have to offer.

At first, they could not believe it. But we did a great job to show that it was true and that we were working hard to make this happen. The mission was better as expected. I am just very proud of it.

By the way, in two week´s time it is going to be celebrated a huge meeting for the Ambassadors and those who also wanted to participate and made the castings. Hope to see you all there.

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