28 diciembre, 2009

No Winter Blues Mission in UK, by Richard Brodie

The casting and promotion of the Canary Islands in London has been a fantastic experience with a beautiful Christmas atmosphere, it was snowing at the time and the streets were full of fantastic Christmas decorations.

We work very hard in cold but magic streets of London, and we had nine hard hours of casting, but everything was worth it, because we finally selected the best of the very best of over 100 people that went to get their opportunity of coming on holidays to Canary Islands for a week and enjoy all the fantastic and interesting things that the precious seven islands can offer and make them forget the sad winter blues under our unique sunny weather.

18 diciembre, 2009

No Winter Blues - UK Casting

Hi guys. Here you have the first photo of the UK No Winter Blues Experience. Enjoy it!

11 diciembre, 2009

Sag nein zum Winterblues by Jacobo Dávila

It was a Tuesday morning when i received the good news, i was selected to represent the Canary Islands in Munich. At the first moment i thought it could be maybe too complicated to take so many planes in just 3 days, but now, after the amazing experience I had there, I just can say that the mission absolutely worth it.
Everything was planned perfectly and the coordinators helped us with every single question we had. When I knew we were going to participate in a Casting as a jury, I never thought we were going to be treated so good by the organization of the event. Everybody was really kind to us. They showed us that even with such low temperatures their character is very warm just like ours.
So we had a perfect day doing questions to a lot of Germans and enjoying the good atmosphere created by the whole crew and participants. The crowded streets and the Christmas market also helped to create this special feeling.
Thanks to that mission I could discover a beautiful and important city as Munich and some of its inhabitants but also it gave the possibility to know really cool people from my islands and of course our two handsome coordinators Susana and Rocio. We all really had a great time together enjoying every part of the mission, specially the casting and the take of decisions with a beer on the table in an incredible place called “Agustiner Trinkhalle” .
After this short but intense dream in Munich called “Sag nein zum Winterblues” I just can be thankful to all of them who made it possible and in a way or another made it sooooo unforgettable . Thank you peopleeeee!!!!

10 diciembre, 2009


When I discovered that I had been chosen to go to Munich as an ambassador of the Canary Islands, I didn’t expect how fantastic the experience would be. I had to promote the Kanarischen Inseln in Germany and it was a funny job. Munich was shining because of the Christmas lights and the cold weather made us know why these countries feel the Winter Blues. But we weren’t there to feel blue so we started singing, walking around the city with our “discreet” orange coats, saying how wonderful was the place where we live and, for some hours, the weather became warm and the Winter Blues disappeared in the city centre.
We were the judge of a casting in which we had to ask some important questions to the Germans in order to choose the winners. We also made them dance or sing. The winners will stay a week on the islands for free, so such a good price could be only for the best.
The ambassadors who went to Munich and the organizers Susana and Rocío are fantastic people and that’s another really good thing I can tell. Being “Embajador de Canarias” has been a new experience not everybody can enjoy. I am one of them and I’m really proud of it.

STOCKHOLM: MISSION 2.0 by Elisa Casañas Quintana

Stockholm is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, how not to feel honoured to be sent there? Time passed quite fast as soon as we got to Arlanda airport, where we were picked up by a very kind taxi driver who brought us directly to the hotel and showed us some important things of the city on our way.

The day after, we started the castings at 10.00h, and because there had not been any time to give out flyers, there weren’t as many people as in Reykjavic. Nevertheless, it was not easy at all to choose only four ambassadors to come over to the Canary Islands.

Something we noticed was that they all looked like having, generally speaking, quite a high purchasing power. One of them told us that the sun had not been shining in the last two months, and it was shining that exact day. This fact made him think we had brought the sun from the Canary Islands, and at the same time, this thought made us feel very happy and privileged.

We made a lunch break in which we had some time to relax, speak and comment about the candidates, and afterwards we went to the City Hall, where the Nobel Prices are given. There we were taking some pictures, singing and performing to record some videos with the campaign’s song: “Smile it’s a wonderful land”. Immediately we got back, as we had to keep interviewing some more people; and when we were done, we had a little walk around the city and bought some souvenirs.

Our swedish helpers were absolutely nice to us. We all tenderly remember Walter, the guy who kept sending people up to the casting; Richard, our lovely pal recording all the time and who we kept calling “Horchatín”; and Anders, the big bald guy who accompanied us at lunch and also wanted to be interviewed. The three of them did their best so we were comfortable at all times and we had everything we needed.

Well, it must have been the influence of how early the sun goes down in this time of the year up there in the north, since it got dark at 15.00h, what made our trip so short. No wonder they have the so-called “winter blues”!!! However, we all keep great memories of it and I personally think I will live in one of those northern countries someday. At least for a while.

09 diciembre, 2009

No Winter Blues - Stockholm Experience by Joy

On Wednesday afternoon Elisa, Daniel and I met up at the G.C. Airport and we were so anxious to get on that flight that would finally take us to Stockholm, via Barcelona. At the BCN Airport we met up with Dara and Daniel, two ambassadors that were also going to join us on this mission. We knew very well it was gonna be a long day but we also knew that it would be worth all the effort. At 11pm we got of the plane and, wow, it was quite freezing! About -5ºC.Our taxi driver pointed out a couple of places worth seeing while driving through the city, Stockholm seemed like such a nice city and with all the Xmas decoration it felt just like being in a postcard.Our hotel was located downtown, the perfect place you would wanna be at if you're staying just a couple of days in Stockholm.Later on that night we all went out to take a look around and we finally ended up at a cool nightclub close to the hotel, where we had a great time until it was time to head back to the hotel and get a couple of hours of sleep. Thursday morning I got up around 7am, had breakfast and then we headed to Hotel Kung Karl, on the famous Birger Jarl Street, just a couple of meters from our own hotel. Working as a jury interviewing Swedish people was actually really fun!! We had a blast. Four lucky Swedes would have amazing opportunity to spend a whole week on the Canary Islands for free and it was our job to make sure that the right people were selected. We ended up seeing an striptease by an very outgoing young Swed, some salsa dancing by an couple who had never met before, some singing but, above all, a whole lot of laughing. The casting turned out to be just as entertaining for the nervous Swedes as for the members of the jury.After lunch we headed out to the Town Hall, Stadshuset, to take some pics and record a video of all of us singing our own Christmas carol. It was surprising to see sunset around 3pm. That's when you really realize how peoples life can get so affected by the cold and the darkness, and why so many of the Nordic population suffer of winterblues. We continued the castings until 6pm and after that it was time to do sightseeing and some shopping! Stockholm is a really beautiful city and we all felt sad that we could only stay a couple of days. We all had dinner at the hotel and after that we went out to enjoy the nightlife a couple of hours before it was time to head back home. Everybody treated us very well, specially at the hotel and I'm positive we all share good memories from our trip as ambassadors to Sweden.

Munich experience by Maribel Risco

My name is Maribel Risco i am one of the 5 ambassador of the canary islands destined to München (Munich), it was a really crazy and fast experience, nobody of us know the other ambassador and we recognized us simply with the orange clothes of the company and my screams in the airport asking about the canary ambassadors. When we arrived to Munich the first thing what we do is taste the typical German dinner in the hotel. next day we singing in the middle of the "Marienplatz" the Christmas song "lady snowball" it was very funny because the German people are very serious and blue...simple blue and look at us ...thinking we are crazy to sing so happy in the middle of the street, after that we begin with our casting to select some people to a trip to the canary islands, after that this people must promotion us (canary islands) with friends, internet etc.

European missions: Munich

Here you have some photos of our ambassadors in Germany. Soon, we will have their impressions about the experience. The No Winter Blues Mission has arrived to Europe.

Icelanders Ambassadors. Enjoy Lanzarote!

02 diciembre, 2009

Marketing moderno

Columna de Opinión
Canarias 7, Miércoles 2 de diciembre de 2007
Tribuna Libre. «Poner en marcha una red de jóvenes exportadores de las bondades
de nuestra tierra podría ser un tanto arriesgado, pero creo, que también es parte de
una innovación». Guillermo Ramos / Presidente Atlantic Business Club
«La campaña, con su ya mediático oso al frente, convencido estoy, marcará tendencia en el quehacer del marketing promocional futuro».
Mil gracias Guillermo por estas palabras que nos llenan de orgullo :-)