10 diciembre, 2009


When I discovered that I had been chosen to go to Munich as an ambassador of the Canary Islands, I didn’t expect how fantastic the experience would be. I had to promote the Kanarischen Inseln in Germany and it was a funny job. Munich was shining because of the Christmas lights and the cold weather made us know why these countries feel the Winter Blues. But we weren’t there to feel blue so we started singing, walking around the city with our “discreet” orange coats, saying how wonderful was the place where we live and, for some hours, the weather became warm and the Winter Blues disappeared in the city centre.
We were the judge of a casting in which we had to ask some important questions to the Germans in order to choose the winners. We also made them dance or sing. The winners will stay a week on the islands for free, so such a good price could be only for the best.
The ambassadors who went to Munich and the organizers Susana and Rocío are fantastic people and that’s another really good thing I can tell. Being “Embajador de Canarias” has been a new experience not everybody can enjoy. I am one of them and I’m really proud of it.

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