09 diciembre, 2009

No Winter Blues - Stockholm Experience by Joy

On Wednesday afternoon Elisa, Daniel and I met up at the G.C. Airport and we were so anxious to get on that flight that would finally take us to Stockholm, via Barcelona. At the BCN Airport we met up with Dara and Daniel, two ambassadors that were also going to join us on this mission. We knew very well it was gonna be a long day but we also knew that it would be worth all the effort. At 11pm we got of the plane and, wow, it was quite freezing! About -5ºC.Our taxi driver pointed out a couple of places worth seeing while driving through the city, Stockholm seemed like such a nice city and with all the Xmas decoration it felt just like being in a postcard.Our hotel was located downtown, the perfect place you would wanna be at if you're staying just a couple of days in Stockholm.Later on that night we all went out to take a look around and we finally ended up at a cool nightclub close to the hotel, where we had a great time until it was time to head back to the hotel and get a couple of hours of sleep. Thursday morning I got up around 7am, had breakfast and then we headed to Hotel Kung Karl, on the famous Birger Jarl Street, just a couple of meters from our own hotel. Working as a jury interviewing Swedish people was actually really fun!! We had a blast. Four lucky Swedes would have amazing opportunity to spend a whole week on the Canary Islands for free and it was our job to make sure that the right people were selected. We ended up seeing an striptease by an very outgoing young Swed, some salsa dancing by an couple who had never met before, some singing but, above all, a whole lot of laughing. The casting turned out to be just as entertaining for the nervous Swedes as for the members of the jury.After lunch we headed out to the Town Hall, Stadshuset, to take some pics and record a video of all of us singing our own Christmas carol. It was surprising to see sunset around 3pm. That's when you really realize how peoples life can get so affected by the cold and the darkness, and why so many of the Nordic population suffer of winterblues. We continued the castings until 6pm and after that it was time to do sightseeing and some shopping! Stockholm is a really beautiful city and we all felt sad that we could only stay a couple of days. We all had dinner at the hotel and after that we went out to enjoy the nightlife a couple of hours before it was time to head back home. Everybody treated us very well, specially at the hotel and I'm positive we all share good memories from our trip as ambassadors to Sweden.

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