10 diciembre, 2009

STOCKHOLM: MISSION 2.0 by Elisa Casañas Quintana

Stockholm is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, how not to feel honoured to be sent there? Time passed quite fast as soon as we got to Arlanda airport, where we were picked up by a very kind taxi driver who brought us directly to the hotel and showed us some important things of the city on our way.

The day after, we started the castings at 10.00h, and because there had not been any time to give out flyers, there weren’t as many people as in Reykjavic. Nevertheless, it was not easy at all to choose only four ambassadors to come over to the Canary Islands.

Something we noticed was that they all looked like having, generally speaking, quite a high purchasing power. One of them told us that the sun had not been shining in the last two months, and it was shining that exact day. This fact made him think we had brought the sun from the Canary Islands, and at the same time, this thought made us feel very happy and privileged.

We made a lunch break in which we had some time to relax, speak and comment about the candidates, and afterwards we went to the City Hall, where the Nobel Prices are given. There we were taking some pictures, singing and performing to record some videos with the campaign’s song: “Smile it’s a wonderful land”. Immediately we got back, as we had to keep interviewing some more people; and when we were done, we had a little walk around the city and bought some souvenirs.

Our swedish helpers were absolutely nice to us. We all tenderly remember Walter, the guy who kept sending people up to the casting; Richard, our lovely pal recording all the time and who we kept calling “Horchatín”; and Anders, the big bald guy who accompanied us at lunch and also wanted to be interviewed. The three of them did their best so we were comfortable at all times and we had everything we needed.

Well, it must have been the influence of how early the sun goes down in this time of the year up there in the north, since it got dark at 15.00h, what made our trip so short. No wonder they have the so-called “winter blues”!!! However, we all keep great memories of it and I personally think I will live in one of those northern countries someday. At least for a while.

2 comentarios:

  1. JAJAJAJAJAJAJA Qué recuerdos Horchatín...!!!
    Muy bueno Eli ;-)
    Si tengo tiempo escribo uno pero es que estoy liado con una exposición para la uni. Saludos mortales!!!

  2. that was a good article, u are a great ambassador!, u are always welcome in Iceland!, its not as cold as ice, its a chill.
    U see I wanna live in the Canary Islands, maybe we can switch :), adios amiga
    hasta - Solvi P, tropoblast