09 diciembre, 2009

Munich experience by Maribel Risco

My name is Maribel Risco i am one of the 5 ambassador of the canary islands destined to München (Munich), it was a really crazy and fast experience, nobody of us know the other ambassador and we recognized us simply with the orange clothes of the company and my screams in the airport asking about the canary ambassadors. When we arrived to Munich the first thing what we do is taste the typical German dinner in the hotel. next day we singing in the middle of the "Marienplatz" the Christmas song "lady snowball" it was very funny because the German people are very serious and blue...simple blue and look at us ...thinking we are crazy to sing so happy in the middle of the street, after that we begin with our casting to select some people to a trip to the canary islands, after that this people must promotion us (canary islands) with friends, internet etc.

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