11 diciembre, 2009

Sag nein zum Winterblues by Jacobo Dávila

It was a Tuesday morning when i received the good news, i was selected to represent the Canary Islands in Munich. At the first moment i thought it could be maybe too complicated to take so many planes in just 3 days, but now, after the amazing experience I had there, I just can say that the mission absolutely worth it.
Everything was planned perfectly and the coordinators helped us with every single question we had. When I knew we were going to participate in a Casting as a jury, I never thought we were going to be treated so good by the organization of the event. Everybody was really kind to us. They showed us that even with such low temperatures their character is very warm just like ours.
So we had a perfect day doing questions to a lot of Germans and enjoying the good atmosphere created by the whole crew and participants. The crowded streets and the Christmas market also helped to create this special feeling.
Thanks to that mission I could discover a beautiful and important city as Munich and some of its inhabitants but also it gave the possibility to know really cool people from my islands and of course our two handsome coordinators Susana and Rocio. We all really had a great time together enjoying every part of the mission, specially the casting and the take of decisions with a beer on the table in an incredible place called “Agustiner Trinkhalle” .
After this short but intense dream in Munich called “Sag nein zum Winterblues” I just can be thankful to all of them who made it possible and in a way or another made it sooooo unforgettable . Thank you peopleeeee!!!!

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