13 noviembre, 2009

World Travel Market London

As you may know some of the ambassadors were selected to a second mission after Iceland.

One ambassador of each island were selected to represent the Canary Islands in the World Travel Market in London, which is one of the most important tourism fairs in the world.

After a flight to Madrid from the different islands all the ambassadors met in Barajas airport and we started our trip to London.

We arrived to London and we had dinner and we talked about how the Iceland mission chages our lifes and all the friends we made on the way. after a short visit to the London downtown we came back soon to the hotel to stay fresh for the mission.

So the mission started about ten in the morning in the ExCel centre and by that time we started to work showing the visitors our new tool of information. This new system works with a tactile digital screen and show the visitor all the information of the four brands of the Canary Islands (Family Welcome, Wellnes Delight, Water Sports and Volcanic Experience) with videos and pictures in a easy way.

The visitors were surprised that we were in the fair working as volunteers, we explain to them our mission on Iceland and that we do that for free because we love our islands and our purpose it´s share our fortune with all the visitors who wants to come to the Canary Islands.

London has been the second mission but we don´t know when will be the next mission and who will be the chosen one to come but we are ready to share our fortune in the whole world whenever is necessary.

And remember... Say no to Winter Blues and come to the Canary Islands!

Here you have our best photos:













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